Thursday, 6 October 2011

Miles Bonny...

Miles Bonny. A fairly new name to me and quite a few more I imagine but definitely one to sit and take notice of. The guys over at SpineTV caught up with Miles to get the low down on his background and influences leading to the release of Lumberjack Soul record.

"Miles Bonny released his wonderfully laid back Lumberjack Soul album, produced by the likes of DJ Day and previous SpineTV guest mix contributor Suff Daddy, earlier this year. As well as his own original material, Miles puts his hand to a number of covers; these include “Handclapping Song” by The Meters and “A Song From Kermit” by Kermit the Frog. An accomplished flugelhorn player, son of a trumpet player, and grandson of music therapist Helen Bonny, Miles grew up surrounded by music. His jazz, latin and soul influences can be heard through his expressive and tuneful songs."

Check the interview in full over at SpineTV. Enjoy!

PMOI Presents: Eric Lau...

London's own Eric Lau has hooked up with Amelia and co. over at Put Me On It and created a banging chill out mix for the 1st in a series named 'Last Night On Earth'. Be sure to check out mix below by streaming it and/or head over to Put Me On It to download the mix. Enjoy!

Supreme London Launch Party Afterparty...

I was meant to post this a while ago but have been caught up. Anyway, as you know I were able to attend the  launch party for the new Supreme store in London. 
The event was held at Madame JoJo's in London's Soho area, the venue has been a club since 1960 and still going strong with regular DJ nights and Cabaret shows. 

On approach to the venue I was greeted by what I can only describe as a mob in and around the entrance with more people filling up the opposite side of the street. The event was a guestlist only affair but there seemed no real order as the doormen randomly let in small groups of people. An hour later and we have our names checked off the list and allowed to make our way downstairs in the club, situated in the basement. On entry to we were greeted by a mass of heads and heat, it was definitely a full house.
Doing the rounds we bumped into familiar faces and made our way to the dance floor where a DJ was entertaining us in anticipation for the arrival of the night's 'Special Guest Rap Star'.
The DJ kept us amused with his record selection, no real consistency, but it was clear everybody wanted to get to the main event. Within an hour and half of being inside the stage lights came up and a figure on stage, the DJ, the crowd were now getting hyped now eagerly awaiting the 'Big Rap Star'...
Enter Ghostface Killah!

Ghost took to the stage and instantly got the place hyped as he performed tunes from his back catelogue and from his current record, Apollo Kids. In between songs Ghost kept everybody laughing and joking with stories and reminding us of how hot it was in there, like we needed reminding.

Anyway, Ghost calls for two members of the crowd to come on stage to perform the verses of Meth and ODB from 'Protect Ya Neck', at first there are no takers but then an incentive of $100 is announced - step up Malcolm and Theo Parrish! The three of them then performed the track to a great reception from the crowd. My friend caught it on my phone for me but I'm having trouble uploading it to YouTube so in the meantime check the video below shot by another person in attendance.
Overall the night was sick! Good music, good vibes and good people! Shout out to Supreme - Welcome to London!

Photos: MrPawils

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Emika Live in London...

Last night, after a hectic day of helping a friend move house, I managed to catch Emika performing at the launch party for her debut self-titled record, Emika, which is out now via Ninja Tune.
 The event was held in the basement of the City Arts and Music Program building in shoredtich, London. Those of you familar with the venue will know how hot it gets in the basement and trust me once Emika started dropping those dark and moody baselines the heat in the venue rose rapidly! The crowd were hyped and most definitely up for a good show which we definitely got and enjoyed!
For those of you unfamiliar with Emika and into dubstep you should definitely check out her website

Check a couple of my favourites below. Enjoy!

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